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Enhance facial balance and harmony by providing shape and contours.


Refresh the appearance for radiant and hydrated skin


Relax the muscles involved in the formation of dynamic wrinkles


Restore a youthful appearance by smoothing away lines and wrinkle, or restoring lost volume


Muscle Relaxants 

When used with the right dose and right injection technique will enhance, refresh and make you look well rested.


  • forehead lines

  • crows' feet
  • frown lines
  • cosmetic tattooing
  • PRP/ Vampire face-lift including hair loss treatment​​



Using injected hyaluronic acid will enhance your features such as the lips and cheeks. It is also used to treat ageing skin due to loss of volume, hence hydrating your skin and restoring any signs of volume loss due to ageing.


  • dermal fillers

  • lips

  • cheeks

  • laugh lines

  • jaw contouring/masseters

  • gummy smile

  • nefertiti neck

  • nasal flare reduction

  • bunny lines

  • lip lines

  • and more....