... Is you skin tone simply not as healthy and smooth as on previous occasions?

... Are you noticing fine lines and sagging skin around your eyes, cheeks and mouth?

... Are you conscious of the puffiness and dark circles below your eyes?

The best recommended solution to these types of skin issues is Platelet Rich Plasma therapy (PRP). This is an advanced treatment technology that utilizes ingredients present in an individual's blood in order to regenerate the skin and revitalize collagen; leading to healthy, young looking skin.

Scientific studies have proven that PRP generates new collagen when infused into the skin and recent studies reveal that PRP can ease sun damage as well as aging skin problems.

Platelet Rich Plasma therapy is recommended for faces that appear drawn, to soften eye puffiness, enhance the overall skin tome, texture and tightness and seal skin areas where fillers are unable to reach. 

Some fillers may be applied together with PRP given that those forms of skin treatment actually serve different purposes. The fillers will fill particular wrinkles while PRP will enhance overall wrinkle improvement.

Likes of Tom Cruise and Kim Kardashian are big fans of this treatment.

* Micro needling/ Dermapen similar to PRP will trick your skin into thinking it's traumatised and will         repair itself into better skin.


* Hyaluronic acid hydrates your skin, making it look youthful, brighter and tighter.

* $20 extra if you require compounded strong medical numbing cream.

* ALL THE ABOVE ARE DONE IN ONE TREATMENT. Consultation is required for treatment suitability.

Allow 30 minutes to numb your skin plus an extra 1 hour for the treatment.